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    Presentation Review of Melinda Gates TEDxChange 2010 Talk

    TEDxChange is one of the many TEDx programs, which has a partnership with Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. It is goal to spread and discuss the ideas in the areas of global health and development. In her talk, Melinda Gates shares her ideas about how to implement a marketing leader’s strategies into nonprofits organizations’ operations in developing countries under the title “What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola” in TEDxChange 2010’.

    As I review the presentation in structural basis, it is clear that the presentation demonstrates how a good presentation should be in many aspects. Melinda Gates has been helping developing countries with his husband, Bill Gates, since 2000 (“History – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”, 2014); so she has a good credibility on the topic. She makes a good introduction and slides don’t have any text, by this way she ensures focusing of the audience. Instead of intense text, effective and catchy pictures are used as visual aids. It is a good trick to show a picture about health just after the Coca-Cola related picture; thus people can easily make a connection between Coca-Cola’s strategy and current situation in global health. At the end part of her presentation, Melinda Gates gives an example about polio to demonstrate how it helps when you tie the mentioned Coca-Cola’s strategies together and apply it in a contagious disease issue. From the beginning of the presentation till the end, she has full control of her voice tone, she makes eye-contact with the audience and the most impressive thing is that she uses hand gestures consciously to strengthen her speech.

    To sum up, Melinda Gates presents a presentation just like a lesson to demonstrate how a good presentation should be. However, she speaks too fast on some parts of her presentation and this is disturbing the focus. TED talks have a policy about the duration that presentation should not exceed 18 minutes (“FAQ”, 2014); Gates’ presentation takes 16 minutes, so she could adjust her talking speed in this regard.

    Beside the well-organized structure, Melinda Gates’ presentation contains valuable information about how can we pattern a successful business model into another one, even it can be a non-profit organization. I totally agree with her statements that if we are open to learn from the innovators and if we can apply them, world will be a better place with ubiquitous happiness.

    If there is anything you want to add or maybe disagree with, please write in comments section below.


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